ACTIVITY 2020 - 2021

Youme -E-Ashura ki Fazilat 2021
18th August 2021

The Department of Arabic headed by Mrs. Tahera Begum had organized "Youm- e- Ashura ki Fazilat " on 18th August 2021. The Program commenced with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran followed by Hamd.

Mrs. Afroze Asfia - Principal addressed the gathering & spoke on virtues & significance of Ashura, that "on the day of Ashura, we remember his devotion to Allah (swt). These momentous events all occurred on the 10th day of Muharram and many Muslims fast on the day of Ashura to commemorate the devotion of Musa (as), the death of Imam Hussain (ra), and the obedience of Nuh (as)." Students Spoke on Battle of Karbala, A brief military engagement in which a small party led by the grandson of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

The tragedy of Karbala is an unparalleled event in the history of mankind. The great sacrifice made by Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S), on Ashura (The 10th of Muharram 61 AH) and the steadfastness shown by him is a beacon for all oppressed, everywhere The Story what happened to Yazid after the Battle of Karbala.

Power Point Presentation on the life of IMAM Hussain Ibn Ali,the grandson of the holy Prophet, who sacrificed his life for the well being of Islam.

Story telling on Life of Imam Muslim, writer of "Sahih Muslim".

Presentation on Imam Malik Contribution.

The program was brought to final point by offering vote of thanks by Mrs. Tahera Begum Head of Languages Department.

17th August 2021

Department of Commerce Organized an Exhibition "COMMERCIUM" on 17th August 2021,to instil practical knowledge and basic understanding of commerce subject. The idea was to felicitate personality development by involving students in basic practical understanding of the subject.

The exhibits which were highly appreciated and reflected the deep understanding of the students on the contemporary issues were Goods and Services Tax (GST), Demonetization, Evolution of money, Public Distribution System, Burgh Burgee’s Concentric Circle Theory in a modern village, Foreign Exchange, Functioning of market, Advertising, etc.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal Mrs Afroze Asfia praised the students for putting up meaningful exhibits and asked them to keep up the good work. She also appreciated the role of the Commerce Department Head Mrs. Syeda Mahruq & teachers Mrs. Shireesha Mrs. Azmath for guiding the students in their innovative ideas

Independence Day 2021
15th August 2021

Madina Degree & PG College celebrated 75th Independence Day. Mr K M Minhajuddin, Director, MDPGC, unfurled the National flag. Ms Nida Sultan, Co-Director, Ms Afroze Asfia, Principal, Ms Anees Rehman, Dean, Academics and staff members were present on this ocassion.

International Youth Day 2021
12th August 2021

The Department of English in Collaboration with NSS Unit Celebrated International Youth Day 2021.

The theme of International Youth Day 2021 is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health".

The program commenced with the address by Mrs. Afroze Asfia - Principal.

Madam, who wished a very happy youth day to all the Madinites and said

“If we have to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.” Which is very true. There is a need for inclusive support mechanisms that ensure youth continue to amplify efforts collectively and individually to restore the planet and protect life. young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world. Young people are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in the world. Madam quoted the words of great scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, “”The challenge, my young friends, is that you have to fight the hardest battle, and ever stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place. What will be the tools with which you will fight this battle? They are: have a great aim in life, continuously acquire the knowledge, work hard and persevere to realize the great achievement.””

The program was truly innovative and enjoyable.The fun-filled games were demonstrated especially well by the students.

PowerPoint presentation by Ms Shaheen on Youth Icon from Hyderabad was marvellous.

M. Sc student Ms. Naseha delivered a speech on how youth can bring about a transformation in food system.

Ms. Ayesha Ali a student of B. Com, General, presented a song which was filled with enthusiasm & Encouragement.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms Seema, HOD English.

World Breast Feeding week
05th August 2021

On the occasion of World Breast Feeding Week , UG & PG Departments of Nutrition, headed by Dr. Syeda Nasreen & Dr. Avanti Rao respectively, have Organized the intercollegiate Competitions to bring awareness on Breastfeeding, based on the theme "Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility" on 5th August 2021. It is celebrated to create an awareness about the crucial role of breastfeeding for the growth of the child. The Program started with a short note by Dr. Avanti Rao on today's theme, Afroze Asfia Madam, Principal, addressed the students and faculty at MS Teams.

Inter Collegiate Competitions such as Slogan Writing Competition and E - Poster Competition were held.

👉Slogan Writing Competition Winner:

🥇 Syeda Sussaina Tabassum- Msc 1st yr, Jahanvi PG college.

Kayvaanjali, CNZC 🥈2nd yr, Madina degree & Pg college for women.

👉E - Poster presentation Winner:

Attufa Fatima, Msc 1st year from Meghana PG college.

Guest Speaker was Ms R Sri Ravalika Senior Dietician, Fernandez Hospital, addressed the gathering was the judge for the Competitions.

The Program culmination took place by offering vote of thanks by Ms Tahera.

Happy Friendship Day
31st July 2021

A Poem on friendship by Amtul Mateen Zikra of Bsc 1st yr

👉There was a story named " The fun they had."

after remembering the plot of it.

I thought that I was going through this part of the story.

Were these students were having virtual interaction like us.

They were sitting on the screens just attending the classes. As the protagonist, even I started to miss the smell of the wooden benches, the flickering sound of the papers echoing in the class. The chitter- chattering of the students.

But now the rusty smell of screens, just swiping on the screens with fingers. Mix sounds of talks and shouts, cookers whistles, vehicles honking.

Hunkering in the corner unraveling the thought of what if I went to university or camping with my friends. Beginning every question with what if. For each question the answer was silence.

But under unexpected situations where we are untangled to home. The story of friendship started with a different path.

Somehow the red thread of fate has brought us together. One end of the string is attached to me and the other to you. That's a thread that runs for miles that connects us.

Earlier, we thought we can have a conversation face to face. But now I have a dialogue with you through chats. I am happy that I can see your various emotions through a single message.

All those expressions of words are forming a whirlpool of colors filling the void of white canvas. Each stroke of it is the flowers of all seasons.

Friendship Day Celebration
31st July 2021

Today on 31st July 2021,Virtual Friendship Day was celebrated with enthusiasm @ MS Teams, Madinites happily embraced & cherished this moment.

During the time of this pandemic, Madinites found interesting and fun ways to celebrate moment of Friendship Day together in a style. Today on Friendship Day they spent time with friends, talk to them and created lifetime memories together, to make their friends feel special in every way and enjoyed the day to the fullest.The main theme was ‘colour’ and each group of friends chose their favourite colour & wore the same. Students shared their emotions through pics, songs, videos & poetry. They talked about the best qualities their friends have & off course the annoying ones. But every one was of the opinion that ‘ a friend is one’s mirror image.’

Even though it was a virtual event, yet we could feel the warmth of a true friend’s unconditional love!

Samskruta Ranjini
31st July 2021

Today on 31st July 2021 the Department of Sanskrit headed by Mrs. Sarla had Organised intercollegiate Competitions "SAMSKRUTA RANJINI " The program commenced with "Prathna" Followed by Principal - Afroze Asfia Madam's address. Madam started her address, quoting the words of "Mother Teresa"

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” –

These words powerfully state that, important wisdom about how to approach life to make it more fulfilling and significant is by Teaching and learning, which offer us all numerous opportunities to focus on a number of “small things” that culminate over time to produce students that are prepared to do the “great things” of life. Here at Madina degree & PG college for women, we are committed to integrating the activities into learning opportunities because, we believe that we learn better with and through the activities.Madam mentioned that As the Principal of MADINA DEGREE & PG COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, she believes that it is her responsibility to maintain and to continue to build a supportive and collaborative spirit at our college. Together as a community, we will meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways. Principal Madam congratulated Mrs.sarla for organising samskruta ranjini & also wished all the very best to the participants of the event.

🙏We thank Guest Speaker Dr.JOYTHI FOUZDHAR from the bottom of our heart for accepting our invitation to Judge the intercollegiate Competition of "Shloka Recitation" & to deliver a lecture on " PANCHATANTRA" by giving detailed explanation on Panchatantra as an ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables in Sanskrit verse and prose, arranged within a frame story. 👍Stunning PPT Presentation by students, they offered effective & appropriate information through their presentations.

The program culminated very smoothly , by rendering of "National Anthem" 👍👏

Ashrah – e -Zilahaj Ki Fazilath
17th July 2021

The Department of Arabic organized an event “Ashrah – e -Zilahaj Ki Fazilath on 17th July 2021. On this occasion Inter- Collegiate Competitions such as Calligraphy, PPT presentations and Story Telling were conducted.

The program commenced with recitation of the versus from Holi Quran. Principal, Ms Afroze Asfia addressed the audience. The Chief Guest of the event, Ms. Aqeela Khamoshi, President, Tanzeem Binte Harem and member, All India Muslim Personal Law Board enlightened the audience about the significance of 10 days of Zilhaj.

Students from UG & PG participated in the program with great enthusiasm and showed marvelous creative skills.

We thank the Director, Mr. K M Minhajuddin and Co- Director, Ms Nida Sultan for their continuous support and encouragement in organizing events like this.

The program concluded by the presentation of Vote of thanks by the HOD Arabic Ms. Tahera Begum.

Van Mahotsav 2021
07th July 2021

NSS unit, students and staff celebrated Van Mohatsav on 7th july 2021 in the college premises. Van Mahotsav was celebrated to spread awareness about the role played by the trees in balancing the Ecosystem as well as the Biosphere as a whole.
A Go Green initiative was introduced in the college to promote Afforestation and growth of trees.
The event commenced as the NSS volunteers gave a short but influencing speech signifying the importance of trees to mankind.

Hindi Utsav
30th June 2021

Department of Hindi headed by Ms Karuna Jaiswal, organized Inter Collegiate Hindi Utsav on 30th June 2021. The program commenced with the address by the Principal Ms Afroze Asfia. The Students from various degree colleges participated in the utsav. Different types of Competitions such as Debate, Story Telling, Talent Hunt, Elocution and were conducted. The participants displayed their zeal and enthusiasm. It was a thoroughly entertaining program both for the students as well as the for the staff.

Ms Mubeenunnisa, ANBZ I, proposed the vote of thanks.

Seminar on Capital Market Awareness
29th June 2021

Department of Commerce organized a seminar on Capital Market Awareness for the students of B. COM on 29 th June 2021. Mr. Venugopal Rayirath, Senior Associate of LKW was the guest speaker of the seminar. Mr. Venugopal focused on capital market , ways of investing and different schemes in it.

International Yoga Day Celebration 2021
21th June 2021

Madinites of Cultural club in collaboration with NSS unit has organized a Yoga session on 21st June 2021 on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2021 on the theme “Yoga for Well- being".

NSS Volunteers delivered the message that Yoga helps in promoting both the physical and mental well – being of humanity. A growing trend among people around the World, embracing Yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression that has been witnessed during the Pandemic


16th June 2021

Department of Botany headed by Ms. Anees Rahman, organised an event, BOTANE FIESTA – 21 ON 16TH June 2021.The theme of the event was” PROTECT NATURE SAVE FUTURE".
The program commenced with the address by the Principal Ms. Afroze Asfia.

Dr Narmada, Asst. Professor of Botany, Govt. City College and Dr Sreelakshmi, Asst. Professor of Botany, Govt. Degree College were invited as the Guests to Judge the performance of the students.

Through Power point presentations the students explained the importance of Nature and means to protect it from damage. Debate Competition was held on the topic “ can people save nature by using technology”.

Winners of the Debate competition:

For – Deepshikha – ANBC III YR
Against – Dania – ANBC II YR

Winners of the PPT:

Lekiya – ANBC III YR – Ist Prize
Syeda Summaiya Ahmed - ANBC – II YR - 2nd Prize
Deepshikha – ANBC – III YR – 3rd Prize

Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Amtul Mateen Zikra, ANBC I year.


07th June 2021

Department of zoology conducted a symposium on ANTHROPAUSE AND ANIMAL ACTION on 7th June 2021. Mrs Shilaja faculty and research scholar from SN Vanitha Mahavidyalaya was the guest speaker and also the Judge for the event. Anthropause was the term coined to refer to corona virus induced lock down period and its impact on other species. The curbs imposed on people around the world due to restrictions in travel lead to reports of unusual animal behavior. Social media posts shared surprising wild life encounters during lock down. Students of I, II and III years displayed presentations on the impact of lock down on animal behavior. Students took various animals like Pangolins, Bats, Minks, Horses, Elephants, Ocean animals and endangered species as topics for their presentations and did an excellent job.

Article Department of UG Nutrition
Published on
09th April 2021

Dr. Syeda Nasreen, Madina Degree and PG College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Published an article Evaluation of efficacy of Nutritional screening tools to assess Malnutrition among Elderly patients in a tertiary hospital in Telangana, India along with Department of UG Nutrition, Madina Degree and PG College, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Care Hospitals, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Click here to open the article

28th April 2021

Department of Commerce organized a Guest Lecture on 28th April 2021, on “Covid – 19 A Human Error”.
Guest Speaker, Dr. Sadanand, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Economics, Golconda Degree College For Women, addressed the students. He focused on how human error is responsible for eruption of covid-19. He also covered the details on” Clinical Presentation”. Dr. Sadanand said transmission of covid mostly occur in three “ C’s”, crowded places, closed contact settings and confined and closed spaces with poor ventilation. He also highlighted prevention of transmission, diagnostic procedures, differential diagnosis, use of personal protective equipment.
We thank and appreciate Dr. Sadanand for giving such an interesting and informative presentation to the students.

23rd April 2021

Madina Degree & PG College students celebrated ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAY on 23rd April, 2021 on MS Teams platform, with much pomp & gaiety. A beautiful e-card was prepared by Tajjamul Unissa of B.Sc I Yr. The events that were lined up for the day were; Quiz competition – Prominent authors & their books, Debate- Is higher education a necessary prerequisite for being successful in life and a video presentation of Monologues of some of Shakespeare’s fascinating characters.
The day began with Mrs. Afroze Asfia, Principal welcoming all; followed by Mrs. Seema khan’s (HOD English dept.) talk on the importance of the day. The anchor of the event was Khatija Fatima- B.Com I Yr student. All the students were taken into the world of books, through the quiz competition. The winner was team of Haleema & khateeja Abdul Rahman from B.Sc I Yr. Debate turned out to be the highlight of the day. Students from both B.Com & B.Sc. entered into a fierce verbal fight to prove their viewpoint. Some favoured talent & inbuilt skills while others said that its education that moulds your personality. First position in this category was taken by Shaheen Fatima, B.Sc II Yr & Syeda Fatima Yaseen, B.Com I Yr; second position was secured by Ayesha Fatima, B.Com II Yr & Amtul Mateen Zikra, B.Sc I Yr. Another major attraction of the day was a video presentation of Monologues of some Shakespeare’s fascinating characters. The popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention proved right in this case. Due to the increasing cases of corona, physical performance was impossible. Hence, Amtul Mateen & Khansa Mahveen of B.Sc I Yr came up with a combination of animation & recorded performances of some of Shakespeare’s famous characters like; Portia, Shylock, Hamlet, Antony, Juliet & Jaques.
The day ended with announcement of prize winners & vote of thanks.

12th April 2021

Madinites under the able guidance HOD Arabic, Ms .Tahera Begum, organized an event “ISTAQBAL -E- RAMADAN on 12th April 2021.
The program commenced with the recitation of the verses from holy Quran, followed by hamd.
Principal Ms Afroze Asfia addressed the gathering, quoted the verse 185 from chapter 2 (Al baqrah) and said that God Almighty in his wisdom, in his mercy gave us the holy month of Ramdan, so that a man should learn self-restrain, self-discipline. Ramadan is counted according to lunar calender
Guest speaker Ms. Izzath Uroosa madam graced the occasion and addressed the gathering and spoke about holy month of Ramadan. Madam said Ramadan is a month of renewal. A person learns to acquire patience and determination by fasting.
Competitions like Elocution and Naat were held for the students of UG and PG.
The program concluded by vote of thanks byMs. Tahera Begum.

08th April 2021

Fresher’s party in any college is an event which every student eagerly awaits from their time of admission. Due to the current pandemic situation, all the educational institutions were asked to shut down. But this didn’t stopour students of MSC 2 year from throwing a party and welcoming the fresher’s. A “FIRST OF IT’S KIND VIRTUAL FRESHER’S PARTY” was held on 8 April 2021 on the platform of MS TEAMS.
The celebrations werestarted at sharp 10:30 am by our hostsLaiq Unnisa and Kazi Shifa on a positive note i.e.: - “when life gives you 100 reasons to breakdown and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh”. Followedwith a warm welcome to the staff and the students, the fresher’s were happily welcomed in our madina family.
Event started with the first round of activitiesorganized by the second-year students, the activities were designed to their best according to the hobbies of the first years related to music, food, Bollywood, television, reading etc.
After this, the winners of the first round were announced who will go to the next round, the talent round. Before this miss talented of the last year HudaFatima has showcased her talent and encouraged the fresher’sto give their best. Then the fresher’s shared their talent one by one and all of them were impressive in their own way.
After the fresher’s have shown their talents, it was time for our teachers to rock the stage. Our teachers Dr. AvantiRao,Dr.A.V. Vasundra and Mrs. AminaMajid were very sporty and actively took part in the activitiesorganized for them. Students from both years also joined the teachers and enjoyed themselves.
After this the winners of the talent round were announced who will enter the final round that was the question answer round. A common question was asked from all of them and some were able to answered beautifully. Thenit was time that everyone was eagerly waiting for, the announcement of winners.
The winner of miss fresher’s was Maria. Other titles winners were: -
1st runner up -Nusrat naaz
2ndrunner up -Naheed banu
Miss talented–Faiza muskan
Miss confident – Maleha aiman.

Staff and students expressed their thankfulness and congratulated the students for successfullyholding the party. Finally, the program was ended with vote of thanks given by Laiq Unnisa.

World Health Day on
07th April 2021

Department of Nutrition, MDPGC, celebrated “ World Health Day” on 7th April 2021, to commemorate the Anniversary of World Health Organization (WHO) on the theme of 2021 “Building a Fairer and Healthier World for Everyone”.
Principal Ms. Afroze Asfia, addressed the gathering and welcomed the guest speaker, Dr Uma Chitra, Asst. Course Coordinator, National Institute of Nutrition.
Dr. Uma Chitra addressed the Students on preventive measures to be adopted during the pandemic. She said prevention is better than cure, she emphasized on wearing a mask, using sanitizers and maintaining social distancing. Dr. Uma Chitra also explained the ways to boost the immunity by limiting the intake of ultra processed foods and refined carbohydrates and to eliminate sugar or sugar containing food items. Dr Chitra also explained the role of Vitamin D , which is a shield against Corona Virus. She also advised to drink more water and exercise regularly to improve the immune system.
Memorable moment of the event was the release of the Book titled, “RAMADHAN RELISHES” by the Director, MDPGC, Mr. K M Minhajuddin.
Ms. Syeda Nasreen , HOD, UG Nutrition and Ms. Uzma Nabeela, faculty, UG Nutrition took over the question and answer session.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.Aliya Fatima, faculty, UG Nutrition.

P.G. Orientation Program
20th March 2021

The PG Department of Nutrition organised the Orientation Program for the M.Sc. I year students and their parents on the 20th of March 2021. Orientation Programs are conducted to introduce the new batch of students to the college, the faculty, the academic curriculum and making them feel a part of the college. This year the Orientation program was conducted” Online” because of the prevailing pandemic situation.

Our Director Minajuddin Sir, Principal Mam, Mrs. Afroze Asfia welcomed the students and addressed them. Dr. Avanti Rao, Head of PG Department of Nutrition briefed the students on the academic curriculum and also on the co-curricular activities that the department has been doing since inception. Ms. Bushra Fatima, Ms. Sara Fatima and Ms. Neha Sarwat shared their experiences in the college.

Dr. A.V. Vasundhara conduced the program and Mrs. Amina Majid gave the vote of thanks.

The program was attended by 60-70 people, students, parents and the staff.

Women’s Day Celebration
08th March 2021

Women’s Day was organized by Ms. Nida Sultan, Co- Director, MDPGC on 8th march2021 on MS Teams platform.

The program commenced with the inspiring and motivational speech by the Principal, MDPGC, Ms. Afroze Asfia.

Dr. Himabindu Singh, professor, department of Neonatologyand Pediatrics, Institute of Child Health, Osmania Medical College, Hyd, was the chief guest of the program.Her message to the students was to raise their voice against any kind of harassment and to the parents was “ haldi main jaldi nahi”, education first and marriage later. Various competitions were held such as Nutritious Recipe, Mehendi Designing & Make-up art for the students. Humurous skit “ Chatpate Taluqath” was performed by the students of ANZC III year. Ms Seema, HOD, English department proposed vote of thanks.

Guest Lecture
20th Feb 2021
Organised by the Department of Nutrition on ” Balanced Nutrition & Lifestyle.

The Dear Departed
11th Feb 2021

Department of English conducted interactive learning session for the first year students, which is a part of semester- I syllabus. The students enacted in the one act play “ The Dear Departed” on 11th February 2021.

Guest Lecture
10th Feb 2021
Organised by Department of Zoology on “Palaemon -Tractus Digestivus”
Guest Speaker, Ms Deepthi Mahanthi, faculty St. Anns Degree College.

Department of Zoology organized a lecture “Tractus Digestivus” on 10th Feb 2021.

Guest Speaker was MS. Divya Deepthimahanthi, Assistant Professor from Department of Zoology, St. Anns College for Women, Mehdipatnam. She is a Research Scholar and has many National and International papers to her credit. The Lecture was for the first-year students. About 90 students attended the lecture on MS Teams venue. Students were all praise for the guest speaker and clarified their doubts after the lecture. The Guest was introduced by MS V Rama, HOD, MDPGC. Vote of thanks was given by MS Zoha Kareem, student of ANZC I year.

Microbes Friends and Foe
04th Feb 2021

Organized by Department of Botany.
Guest Speaker, Ms Safia Begum, Microbiologists & Research Scholar.

A Guest Lecture was organised by the department of Botany on 4th February 2021 on MS Teams platform.

Ms Safia Begum, Microbiologist & Research Scholar was the guest speaker on the topic “MICROBES FRIENDS OR FOE”, who enlightened the students about the beneficial and harmful activities of Microbes. It gave deep insight about the topic and revealed some interesting facts. The program was attended by 150 students with enthusiasm and attention

Gandhi Jayanthi
30th Jan 2021
Two minutes silence was observed in memory of Father of The Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

Essay writing competition
27th Jan 2021
Essay writing competition was conducted on 27th January 2021 on MS Teams on the topic “Stress Management” in memory of Mr. K M Raziuddin, an exceptional role model for the community and a visionary par excellence, who was selected twice for the civil services (1994, 1996). He served as Deputy Commissioner, Department of Finance, Government of India.

Students from and participated in the competition, winners were awarded cash prizes.

Winners of the competition:-

  1. HeenaKazmi, CNZC III – 1st prize
  2. Khadija Fatima, B.COM G I – 2nd prize
  3. Asma Abdullah, ANBC I - 3rd prize

Republic Day Celebration
26th Jan 2021
Mr K M Minhajuddin, Director, MDPGC, unfurl the National Flag. Co-Director, Ms Nida Sultan & Staff can be seen.

Guest Lecture
18th Jan 2021
Organised by Department of Commerce on “Personality Development” Guest Speaker, Dr K Rani Rajitha Madhuri, Head Department of English, Ambedkar Open University.

National Youth Day Celebration
12th Jan 2021
Organised by the Student

AIDS Awareness Program On
2nd Dec 2020 Organised by Department of Chemistry in support of people living with HIV
And to commemorate those who died of AIDS related illnes

13th Nov 2020

Department of Arabic organized Milad-un-Nabi program on 13th November, 2020 on MS Teams, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Director, MDPGC, addressed the gathering and enlightened us with different aspects of life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Guest Speaker Dr. Asma Zehra Tayyaba, Managing Director of Salamah Hospital & Social Activist addressed the students on this occasion. Students recited Nath in praise of Prophet (PBUH) and delivered speeches on life of Prophet (PBUH)

Program was attended by UG & PG students. The program was concluded by dua and salam.

Vote of thanks was given by Tahera Begum, HOD, Department of Arabic, MDPGC.

A. Common activities:

A faculty orientation program was conducted on 5 June 2017 addressed by Prof. M.L Saikumar, Prof. & Dean, Indian Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad. The objective of the orientation program was to enrich the faculty, inspiring the young faculty, ignite their minds and involve them in career building with collaborative and cohesive Work, to empower the teachers in imparting the right skills and attitudes to build a successful career, home and society.

Induction program was conducted on 7 July for the students of degree I year to acquaint them with the ethos of the college and facilitate their smooth transition from Intermediate to Under- Graduate studies.

Here in Madina, we value the contribution of Faculty and there are some initiatives such as Feedback by the students about the teaching-learning to enhance the quality of teaching.

Celebrations like Fresher’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, and Farewell Day are conducted to impart the spirit of joy, patriotism and sharing take place regularly.

B. UG Departmental Activities:


The department organized a Workshop on ‘Enhancing the awareness on Gynecological Conditions of Adolescents’ by Dr. Malathi, Gynecologist from Govt. Maternity Hospital, and Hyderabad on 21 Oct 2017. Students participated actively and cleared most of their doubts on gynecological issues and menstrual problems.

The dept. conducted a Guest Lecture by Prof. Barkha, an Advocate in High Court and Prof. in Nalsar University of law, Hyderabad on the ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Cyber Crimes’ on 1 Nov 2017.

The department conducted a study tour to B.Com III Year students to MSR India Ltd, Dr.Copper Factory and Pasta Food factory at Jeedimetla on 16 Nov 2017.

The department conducted a Seminar on “ Career Orientation and skill enhancement by Ms. K.Vaishali of M Skills United, Hyderabad


Department of Botany conducted a botanical tour for all students to Herbal Garden on 10 Aug 2017.


Department of Zoology conducted a study tour to B.Sc. III year students to Medak fish Hatcheries on 23 Oct 2017.


B. Sc. I & II Year CNZC & ANZC Students won I Prizes (Cash Prize of Rs. 1000/-) in Chemistry Skit and Chemistry Chrome Competitions at the Chemistry Carnival conducted by Osmania University Science College on 15 & 16 March 2018


Department of Nutrition conducted a Web interactive Seminar on “ob gene nutrigenomics of Obesity” on 6th Jan 2018. Zubaida Azeem, retd Principal, OU College for women was the Chief Guest. Dr. Raja Sriswan, Scientist NIN, and Dr.K.S. Lakshmi, Bariatric surgeon, Global Hospital, and Dr. Ryan Fernando, Sports Nutritionist from Bangalore delivered Talks on prevention & strategies to deal with Obesity


Arabic conducted Quran Khani on 20 June and Naat Competitions on 4th Aug 2017.


Department of English conducted painting competitions on the World Environment Day on 21 June on the theme “Connecting people to Nature in the city and in the land, from the poles to the equator” and the winners were given Prizes.

Jam Session and Elocution programs were conducted on ‘Gender Equality’ on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018.


Department of Hindi conducted a Debate for degree students on ‘Whether Co-education is better for girls and boys’.


Induction program for M.Sc. I year students was conducted on 5 Aug 2017.

National Nutrition week was celebrated on 18 Sept 2017 on the Theme “Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health”. Dr. Annie Hasan, HoD, Dept. of Genetics & Molecular Biology at Kamineni Hospital was the Chief Guest. Guest of Honor, Dr. Lavanya, Chief Medical officer at CELES Care Hospital spoke on “making a difference at Key milestones in infant and young children” and Dr. Asra Mateen, Nutritionist, spoke on Child Nutrition.


The excellent academic records of our students do not end with the results. They get translated into fruitful career in several corporate. I have pleasure to inform that some corporate companies and Hospitals in Hyderabad have selected our students as managers and Nutritionists and they are doing well.

True Weight Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Conducted placements II Year M.Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) students on 5th and 7th March 2018. 12 students are placed for appointment in their wellness clinics in twin cities starting from 1 July 2018.


As every year, In-house competitions were conducted in outdoor games, viz., Basket ball, Throw ball, Tennikoit, Shuttle Badminton, and Indoor games viz., Caroms and chess. All the winners were given prizes.


Degree students participated in OU Intercollegiate Competitions held on 12-14 Oct 2017 and won Prizes in Collage and Poster Making Competitions


RUBAROO, an NGO in collaboration with Indian High commissioner conducted a three day Orientation workshop on Inter-Faith ‘Agaaze-e- Bathcheet’ in our College from 7 – 9 October 2017. Ms.Neha Swain, Founder, Ms. Monisha, Co-founder, Ms. Rashmi, Miss. Shubi and Ms. Hema, Members were the program Organizers from RUBARO. 125 Youth champions, were selected after screening based on a questionnaire, from various colleges. 30 Selected students from N.B.Science College, Pathargatti, Vivekananda Degree College, Kukat pally, BJR college, Narayanguda, Roda Mistry College of Social Work, Madina Degree & PG College participated in the workshop in our college and discussed various issues related to different cultures and religions. They were assigned tasks to be completed in a month on various inter-faith themes. 5 students from our College were selected to participate in a ‘Social Action Project’ during the Inter-Faith week.

57 Students participated in an Inter-Faith Walk conducted by RUBAROO and inaugurated by Mr. Andrew Fleming, Deputy High commissioner of UK, from our college on 18th November to four religious places, one temple, one church, one Mosque, and one Gurudwara to understand about the various faiths and religious practices.

Voice 4 girls conducted an awareness program on ‘voices against gender based violence’ on 25th November 2017. Ms. Sheila Cannell, Trustee of SLA, (Scottish Love in Action) Organization in India, gave a presentation. Mr. Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner in India, Ms. Nalini, from Deputy High Commission, Ms. Jameela Nishat, Founder Director of Shaheen, Women’s Organization in Hyderabad, Mr. R. Venkat Reddy, National Convener, MV (Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiah) Foundation, Ms. Anusha Bharadwaj, Executive Director of Voice4 Girls were the panelists for question time.


Dr. R.K. Satrawal, Oro-Dental Surgeon, Pearl Dental clinic, conducted a Dental Camp in our college on 16 October 2017 and advised students on dental hygiene and suggested treatment for dental problems.


Rashtriya ekta diwas, was celebrated to commemorate the birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, on 31 October 2017 in library hall. 51 NSS Volunteers took the Pledge on National Unity Day to foster and reinforce our dedication to preserve and strengthen unit, integrity and security of our nation.

The NSS Unit of the college with 50 students of Degree I & II Year have conducted a Day & Night special camp at Chinna Mangalaram Village, Moinaband Mandal for 7 days from 19thFeb- to 25thFeb’2018. The volunteers have carried out various programs like Free Medical Check-up, Survey on literacy, health and Nutrition education, drinking water facilities, clean and green, and tree plantation programs in the village.

DOBARA, an NGO, celebrated the 68th Republic Day on 26 January 2018 at Little Sisters of the poor, home for the aged, in Bhoiguda, Secunderabad. 50 NSS volunteers Participated in the cultural program. Students and Management contributed eatables to the ‘BIG BIN’, where people drop useful items for inmates of Old age home.


Many of our Alumni are doing great work all over the world, in their respective domains to raise the bar of excellence, and forged several initiatives to strengthen the foray of our students into the corporate world.


Degree Convocation was conducted on 9 Sept 2017 for three batches of UG PG graduates of 2013, 2014, and 2015 in Lateefuddin Hall. Chief Guest, Prof. Ahmed Ullah Khan, Retd. Dean, Faculty of OU Law, OU, administered the pledge of Graduation. Mr. Hamid Hussaini, member, MEWS, Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed Rasheed Shervani, eminent educationists were the guests of Honor.

M.Sc ( Nutrition & Dietetics) Graduates:

Prof. Ahmadullah Khan, Retd. Dean, Law College, OU administering the Oath of Graduation:

B.Sc. Graduates:

Staff members with the Guests on the Graduation Day Program

K. Traffic Awareness Program:

Narayanguda Police Conducted a Traffic Awareness Program in college premises on 17 Aug 2017. They showed a power point presentation on the point system of penalty for Traffic violation in Hyderabad.