Our department is not just centre of study – it plays an active role in the vibrancy of the college as a whole. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also through activities like workshops and field visits. Also, guest lectures are frequently conducted. Besides, our student unions are dynamic hubs of youthful energy, contributing to every student’s learning process in a way that also shapes her personality.

The Department consists of six full time faculty members and the teaching methods employed are in the form of classroom lectures, visual mode using power point presentation as well as practical classes. The theoretical papers in the UG course consist of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry in the first four semesters while in the fifth and sixth semesters, Skill Enhancement course, Industrial Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry are introduced. The Practical course includes Inorganic Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Inorganic Synthesis, Organic Qualitative and Synthesis, Physical Chemistry Experiments, Biochemistry and Analytical Practical, Instrumental Methods of Analysis.

Infrastructure :

The Chemistry Department has good laboratory facilities, Students are trained first hand on how to use the analytical balance, pH meter, Conductometer, Colorimeter, Potentiometer, Hot air oven, Centrifuge, Computer Server.

Student Activities

We cannot make the teaching of Chemistry any less dynamic than how Chemistry plays out in life.

The Department enjoys keeping things interactive and imaginative. The following are some of our efforts towards the same.

The following are some activities put together by the Department:

The department organizes Seminars every year, where renowned scientists are invited to deliver scientific lectures. Furthermore, ‘Beyond Curricular Classrooms Lectures’ are also organized, particularly for the third-year students and this gives them an opportunity to interact with the eminent scientists and professors.

Every year, a significant number of students qualify the entrance exam for pursuing M. Sc. Many of our ex-students are currently in research leading to Ph. D. in the institutes in abroad and India.

Career options after for B.Sc. Chemistry :

  • Laboratories – Works in laboratory for some experiments.
  • Testing Laboratories – Tests the laboratory’s next products of experiments Oil Industry – employment in oil industry to approach various aspects in oil.
  • Waste-water Plant – Based salary is about $62,604-$105,773 due to different sectors. Petroleum Companies – employment figure $100K per year.
  • Power Generating Companies – May earn $17.78 per hour.
  • Research and Development Firms – Earns $97,230 per year and more salary due to experiments. Seed and Nursery Companies – Teaches on nursery about chemistry and related fields.
  • Agricultural Research Services – The salary is $4,980 and $5,985 per annum. Chemical Industry – They can earn $104.000 per year.
  • Chemicals Manufacturing Companies – Earns about $77040 (average)
  • Cosmetic Companies – Works in cosmetic company to research new cosmetic product. Forensic Crime Research – Works for government to identify crime by forensic test.
  • Heavy Chemical Industries – Works to analyze heavy and dangerous chemical and new experiments. Hospitals – Sure, work in hospital in medical sectors.
  • Industrial Laboratories – Works in laboratory for industry with big salary. Civil Services – Works for government department or agency.

Faculty Profile:

Name of the Faculty Qualification Experience
Mrs. Afroze Asfia Principal & HoD M.Sc , M.Phil 20 years
Mrs.Elizabeth Rani M.Sc, B.Ed 14 years
Mrs. Shazia Samreen M.Sc, B.Ed 5years
Ms. Ayesha Siddiqha M.Sc 4 years
Ms. Keertana M.Sc 4 years
Mrs. Nusrath Parveen M.Sc, B.Ed 9 years