Department Timeline from Inception

The study of Food Science and Nutrition includes the components of foods, their chemistry and metabolism, technology involved in production, processing and preservation, safety for human consumption, meal planning and management – all in relation to total well-being of human beings. Thus, nutritional science is the corner stone for the overall national development.

The department of food and nutrition was established in the year 2004, offering B.Sc. Applied nutrition and public health in combination with Botany, zoology &chemistry. Today after 13 years department has been emerged as one of the promising departments with more than 450 students. Adjunctly the department has been granted a boon with addition of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics only college offering both the courses running under one roof.

Focus area:

  • Public health and Nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Food Science and Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Family and Community nutrition
  • Food Preservation
  • Food Service management
  • Food safety and Quality Control
  • Maternal and child health care

Field Visits & Exposure:

As a part of their curriculum, department organizes ,field trips to food industries, culinary Academies, Health Museum.


  • To develop skills in students for self employment.
  • To lay down strong basics of subjects to make students future ready for higher studies and research work.
  • To produce able teachers, administrators and entrepreneurs.

Our Goal:

  • To collaborate with industry, research institutions, professional bodies through teaching, research and consultancy.

Our Mission:

  • To empower women to participate actively at national and international levels and contribute to the food and nutrition security, health of the citizens and to improve well being and quality of life.

Faculty Profile:

Name & Designation


Experience at MDPGC

Research Publications

Previous Experience

S. Nasreen(HOD)

M.Sc (Ph.D.)

10years- Joined MDPGC in 2011 as faculty and took charge as department head in 2017.


  1. Two year as visiting faculty at UCW, Koti.
  2. Two years at clinical dietician and nutritionist at hospital and health care centre.

Syeda Uzma Nabeela, faculty


6 years


2 years as Clinical Dietitian at care hospital, Nampally. Working at MDPGC since 3 year.

Aliya Fatima, Faculty


 5 years



Zainab Bano, Faculty


4 years



Mehreen  Khatoon, Faculty


1 year



Sadath Fatima,Faculty


1 year




  • Applied Nutrition & Public Health with subject combinations of Botany, Zoology Chemistry
  • Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics with subject combinations of Botany, Zoology & Chemistry


For Further studies various Postgraduate & Diploma courses available can be pursued after graduation like

  • M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics available at many affiliated colleges of Osmania University.
  • M.Sc. Food & Nutrition available at affiliated colleges and campus of (Agricultural university, NTR University of health sciences).
  • M.Sc. Public Health available at campus of HCU.
  • MSC. Food and Nutrition and Sports Nutrition available National Institute of Nutrition, Tarnaka, Hyderabad.

Recent Advances:

  • PG diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics available at St. Ann’s degree college and St. Francis college in Hyderabad.
  • PG diploma in Nutrigenomics available at institute of nutrigenomics, Bangalore.
  • Diploma in Diabetic Educator course offered by ASPEN, India
  • Six month diploma in Community Nutrition and Health offered by NIN.
  • Few diploma courses offered by IGNOU and CFTRI in Food Safety.

Candidates can also apply Universities abroad for Pursuing Master’s in nutrition.

Recent Advances:

After successful completion of UG course students can pursue their career as

  • Clinical Dietician.
  • Diabetic educator.
  • Nutrition counsellor in international schools.
  • Private Clinics as nutrition counsellor
  • Sports Nutritionist.
  • Nutrition coach at health and wellness centre.
  • MNC’s as Food Service Nutritionist and content writer.
  • Community Health Programmes in NGO’s
  • Food Safety Officer.
  • Extension worker in Women Development Child Welfare & Disabled welfare department.

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