Vision & Mission

  • Our Mission

    β€œEducation for Empowerment for women of future ”

  • Our Vision

    Transforming lives of students through excellent education and training to meet economic, social, Technological and environmental challenges.

  • Our Core Values

    • πŸ“ŒEXCELLENCE: "Excellence commits us to challenge ourselves to utilize our God-given gifts -- intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and ethical"

      MDPGC commitment to excellence impels both Students and the Institution itself to consistently strive for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory. Such striving for excellence touches all aspects of Institution's life from academic programs to Co- Curricular activities, from student performance to institution's environment, from recruitment to publications, from special occasions to daily Studies. This value also inspires the community to recognize its members' significant achievements and contributions to the welfare of others.
    • πŸ“ŒCOMPASSION: "Compassion compels us to stand with and embrace others in their suffering that, together, we may experience God's liberating and healing presence."

      This value reflects the reality that mercy demands commitment, courage and action, as well as sensitivity, understanding and care. Management of MDPGC stand with Its employees & students in times of personal crisis or grief and express compassion through multiple endeavors that respond to the needs of others within and beyond the Institution.
    • πŸ“ŒSERVICE: "Service calls us to use our gifts, talents and abilities to advance the genuine well-being of our community and those we encounter."

      Service to students is a basic tenet of MDPGC, lending personal skills and professional expertise to assist Students in internships, service trips and numerous volunteer opportunities that extend the ethos and the value of service.
    • πŸ“ŒINTEGRITY: "Integrity gives us the ability to realize the greater good in our actions and programs and challenges us to look at our work and ourselves holistically and as one united with others across the globe."

      Integrity, whether personal or institutional, implies coherence between words and acts. It calls each member of the MDPGC to live in accord with what the Institution professes to be a Muslim minority educational institution. Integrity suggests both a certain wholeness in the institution itself and connections between the institution and the larger educational, religious and social worlds in which it functions.

  • Our Goals & Objectives

    • - Programs and activities aimed at improving academic standards and achieving holistic development
    • - Faculty Improvement programs
    • - Student evaluation and peer evaluation of teachers to enhance their performance
    • - Remedial education and mentoring
    • - Providing better library facilities
    • - Training students in the use of technology supported learning
    • - Islamic education and Values for the future generations