Zoology is a broad field. Zoology students study topics like animal biology,behaviour,adaptation, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, ecology, cell biology, entomology, embryology, genetics and evolution. They develop practical skills in field research and laboratory techniques. students can opt for post graduation and also PhD. After post graduation students find opportunities in government departments,environmental agencies,universities, colleges,environmental and ecological fields.

The type of jobs zoology graduates can take up include zoo keepers, animal caretakers, veterinary technologists or technicians, biology teachers, laboratory technicians, work for wildlife rehabilitation, ornithologist,herpetologist , animal conservationist,animal shelter worker,pet adoption counselor, aquarist, marine biologist and so on. One can undergo training in various fields like poultry, dairy farming, sericulture, apiculture, fisheries etc and establish their own farms .Zoologists who love animals and have passion for them can join television exploratory channels like Discovery and National Geographic and prepare scientific documentaries related to animals.