The college library is a spacious 270 sq.mts facility with the seating capacity for 100 persons. The library has a rich collection of more than 8000 books on various subjects as many as journals/periodicals & CD/ROMs/ DVDs are available for users.

It is divided into a number of sections based on the sections based on the collections and services offered. They are text book sections periodical section reference section acquisition & cataloging sections respectively. The digital library was built using. D- Space digital library software. It also maintains a record of previous set of question papers.

The reference section currently has more than 2000 books with new editions every year the current journals & new arrivals are displayed in the reference section consisting of both national & international repute, catering to both curricular & extracurricular need of the students.
The library provides multimedia facility to the students & facilitates online access to their reference work.